Mile markers


Large Mile Marker – 1400mm x 2800mm
Medium Mile Marker – 1000mm x 2800mm
Small Mile Marker – 1000mm x 2000mm


Single or Double-sided wayfinding structure for outdoor use

Print substrate

6mm Correx
5mm Akyprint

Artwork specification

5mm coloured bleed to all edges at 100% scale high-resolution PDF, vector logos, outlined fonts

Visual size

W1400mm x H2800mm
W1000mm x H2800mm
W1000mm x H2000mm

Production lead time

5 - 10 working days, dependent on total quantity

Ground fixing method

~175kg additional ballast (sandbag) placed inside the base – subject to structure variation

Transport/plant requirements

Van - max 4 x structures

or call us for bespoke pricing - 01256 578 024


Mile markers are the perfect addition to any large event or mass-participation race. Blending style and functionality, these self-weighted, heavy-duty markers guarantee easy and quick deployment to ensure your event is a success.

Mile markers come in three sizes – small, medium and large – so whatever the size of your event, they can be tailored to suit.

They can be used for wayfinding purposes, providing maps and scheduling information, allowing visitors to easily navigate your event.

For mass participation events, mile markers can be used to mark race distances and provide messages of encouragement from supporters.

Designed to withstand the outdoors mile makers are robust and reliable – providing stability when ensuring crowds move along seamlessly during your event.

Plus with their high-impact appeal, they can add brand presence, colour and advertising potential to your gathering.

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