3-Sided wooden structure
W1200mm x H3000mm / each side
18mm Plywood Panels
80kg approx.


3-sided wayfinding structure for outdoor or indoor use

Print substrate

6mm Correx
5mm Akyprint

Artwork specification

5mm coloured bleed to all edges at 100% scale high-resolution PDF, vector logos, outlined fonts

Visual size

W1200mm x H3000mm

Production lead time

5 - 10 working days, dependent on total quantity

Ground fixing method

200kg additional ballast (sandbag) placed inside the structure

Transport/plant requirements

Van - max 3 x structures

or call us for bespoke pricing - 01256 578 024


Toblerones are an ideal branding and wayfinding solution for any indoor or outdoor space. They offer three-sides to display information, providing the space to share maps, scheduling information and brand and sponsor presence with ease!

Plus, thanks to their free-standing construction, Toblerones are simple to install and maneuver.