LCD totems

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Our double-sided, 65”, high brightness, outdoor totem displays bring something quite unique to the rental market.

Large, freestanding, outdoor digital totems are often considered by the industry as permanent installation elements, due to their size and weight. There are very few, if any, companies in the UK that can deliver these as rental items.

CSM Live have created a totem and delivery processes perfectly suited to the rental market.

We have two types of totems available:

1. A freestanding, 65” double-sided advertising totem. Utilising a single media player so that the same digital content plays on both sides simultaneously. These are not interactive but do put your digital advertising content right at the heart of the action.

2. A freestanding, 65” double-sided interactive totem. Utilising a 10-point touch screen technology on each screen, two media players, two cameras & two photo printers. With one of each, on each side, this gives a true 2 in 1 experience, as each side is individual to the other, meaning that one totem can be interacted with by two separate groups of people, at the same time.

On both options, we can assist with content creation, playback and interactive elements perfectly suited to your needs (at an additional cost).

Please do get in touch for any enquiries.