Selfie frames


2-Sided Aluminium Structure
W1890mm x H2040mm / each side


2-Sided Freestanding Structure primarily used a photo opportunity

Print substrate

5mm Akyprint

Artwork specification

5mm coloured bleed to all edges at 100% scale high-resolution PDF, vector logos, outlined fonts

Visual size

W1900mm x H2100mm

Production lead time

10 working days, dependent on total quantity

Ground fixing method

200kg additional ballast (sandbag) placed inside the structure

Transport/plant requirements

Flatbed - Max 2 x structures

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Whether you’re hosting a concert, sporting event, conference, or festival, our new Selfie Frames are designed to enhance the participant experience and create lasting memories. These double-sided, freestanding structures serve as the perfect photo opportunity, transforming any event into an interactive and engaging spectacle.

Made from a sturdy aluminium, each side of the Selfie Frame measures W1890mm x H2040mm, providing a canvas for high-resolution visuals printed on premium DiBond and 5mm Akyprint substrates. The Selfie Frames not only capture the attention but also increase brand visibility in a fun and interactive way.

The structure is held securely in place with a 300kg ballast, ensuring safety and stability, even in the liveliest of events. And with a production lead time of just 10 working days, we can meet the needs of even the most time-sensitive events.