Misting station toblerones


3-Sided wooden structure
W1200mm x H3000mm / each side
18mm Plywood Panels
Pipes with misting nozzles
Small generator
Water bowser
80kg approx.


3-Sided wayfinding structure with misting capability for outdoor use only

Print substrate

6mm Correx
5mm Akyprint

Artwork specification

5mm coloured bleed to all edges at 100% scale high-resolution PDF, vector logos, outlined fonts

Visual size

W1200mm x H3000mm

Production lead time

5 - 10 working days, dependent on total quantity

Ground fixing method

200kg additional ballast (sandbag) placed inside the structure

Transport/plant requirements

3.5T Dropside Van - max 1 x structure

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Our outdoor misting stations are the perfect outdoor temperature control solution. They are designed for mass participation events during the hot summer months to cool down runners as they pass through.