Finger posts on concrete base


Metal pole: H3000mm
Concrete base: W1000mm diameter x H500mm


Wayfinding post for indoor and outdoor use

Print substrate

Self-adhesive vinyl - cut to shape

Artwork specification

5mm coloured bleed to all edges at 100% scale high-resolution PDF, vector logos, outlined fonts

Visual size

W764mm x H161mm

Production lead time

5 - 10 working days, dependent on total quantity

Ground fixing method

1x Concrete base at 575kg approx.

Transport/plant requirements

Moffett / Telehandler / Forklift

or call us for bespoke pricing - 01256 578 024


Our finger posts are the perfect wayfinding and navigation solution for your event space, bringing clarity and ease of use to your visitors. Whether you’re looking to build a full-scale wayfinding scheme or just expanding or refreshing your current site navigation, our sturdy and robust fingerposts are an ideal choice. Created from reliable materials that are tough enough to handle outdoor conditions, these signposts offer unmistakable directions in an efficient manner.

Each finger post can support many directional arms or ‘fingers’, allowing you to tailor it according to the navigational needs of your space – perfect for directing a large crowd efficiently.

The simple fixing method allows easy installation without compromising accuracy; plus, you can rotate fingers after setting the post for more versatility!

We have finger posts available with a concrete base for use on solid ground, or where underground services mean using ground darts isn’t possible.

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