Flora, London Marathon, Mile markers


Our work with the London Marathon Events organisation spans a portfolio of sporting occasions including The London Marathon, Swim Serpentine, Prudential Ride London and The Big Half, where we have delivered a wide range of branding and signage services.


Our team developed bespoke branding elements for the London Marathon events enabling them to offer partners additional opportunities. Some of the elements we developed include but are not limited to include: gantries and markers to give each event its own identity and create impact, and outdoor grade road vinyl.

Our experience across all of the London Marathon Events has further built our comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges presented by both elite and mass participation events, and how to create the highest level of visual impact and engagement for participants, the audience and commercial partners. We also understand the challenges and have the expertise for quick build times, long and open courses, and working with multiple stakeholders to make each event a success.