Our relationship with the DP World Tour (European Tour) began in the 1970’s and we have been working with them ever since to help create a unique brand identity for each of their events, as well as delivering all the look, wayfinding and signage elements across the various Tour Championships internationally. 


Working alongside the DP World Tour, we have also been fortunate enough to provide the branding for a number of Ryder Cup matches in Europe over the last forty years. In 2018 this resulted in us being given the opportunity to help refresh and enhance the event’s look and feel, and to elevate the brand and its sponsors, we created a sea of blue across Le Golf National, delivering extensive branding on the course and throughout the event to bring to life the strong brand identity that has come to be recognised as characteristic of the Ryder Cup. We created a complete suite of design and drew up the strategy on how they would be applied to the ticketing, spectator journey, stadia, buses, transport hubs as well as city dressing and the kit of parts, including fence scrim, barrier jackets, poster decals and bunting for all 13 tournament venues. We also had the responsibility of covering and removing any existing sponsor logos and commercial signage before any stadia branding started.