Motorsport fans will be able to experience an immersive race weekend from the comfort of their own home thanks to a new partnership between XTADIUM, a virtual reality (VR) sports hub, and US stock-car racing series NASCAR.

The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs are available in mixed reality via Meta Quest VR headsets, with all 10 races featuring as part of the experience. Content will become available for fans to enjoy 48 hours after the conclusion of each event.

Eight camera angles are available for fans who will be able to view their surroundings. All eight screens are fully customisable and users can drag and drop the screens around their room to enhance their viewing experience.

Tapping into passion

For NASCAR, the goal is to tap into the renowned fandom that surrounds the series by reimagining fan engagement in the action.

“NASCAR fans are some of the most passionate sports fans in the world. We strive to engage with them in every way possible to experience the sport they love, whether that is through digital avenues like mixed reality and gaming, or physical experiences, such as garage access or driver meet and greets,” a NASCAR representative explains to Fan XP.

According to NASCAR, this is the first time a racing event of this kind has been viewable in mixed reality. The experiences are available on XTADIUM, a free VR app developed by company YBVR, which is accessible on all Meta Quest headsets in the US.

“This opportunity with XTADIUM allows fans to take the race experience and bring it to their homes,” the spokesperson continues. “They can see it from multiple views, while viewing eight distinct camera angles simultaneously, and have a really unique perspective on a race that is different from being at the track. Fans can customise the thrilling experience of NASCAR racing while still being in touch with what is around them.”

Immersive experiences

The spokesperson explains that the partnership with XTADIUM is a great way to combine real-life sport and immersive technologies.

“NASCAR will always push the envelope and explore the best possible technologies and partners for fans to experience the sport,” the spokesperson adds.

While there are only currently plans in place for the 10 NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs to be available in the format, the spokesperson reveals that there is potential to expand the offering.

“It’s not out of the question to expand the experience to all races, but nothing is concrete yet. As always, NASCAR will do everything possible to best engage its fans and attract new ones as well,” says the spokesperson. 

The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs rounds have already begun thrilling motorsport fans, with future rounds still to come for fans to enjoy in person, on screens and through mixed reality.