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We’ve teamed up with environmental activist and entrepreneur, Kiko Matthews, turning eco-ambitions into action.


We all know that the impact our actions have on the planet is one of the hottest topics within our industry and beyond. It’s a daily struggle, both in our personal and professional lives, to make conscious decisions for the benefit of our planet. Everyone wants to be an eco-warrior – but it’s often easier said than done.

At CSM Live we’re taking direct action – both publicly and behind the scenes in our approach to sustainability and we are going to be sharing our journey with you.

Earlier this year we eradicated PVC from our Formula E track-side branding products and replaced it with a film made of polypropylene, the benefits of which are that the new branding is 100% PVC-free, free of heavy metals, free of plasticisers, free of Isocyanate and brominated compounds, all of which make it more environmentally friendly. This change will effectively help to limit the plastic production and waste of any given Formula E event – you can read more on our work within sustainability with Formula E here

Our next step towards a more conscious sustainable footprint has been to sponsor and champion eco-warrior, activist and all round super-woman – Kiko Matthews.

In 2009, Kiko was diagnosed with life-threatening condition. A defining moment for the science teacher that would change her life forever. Kiko chose to take this terrible experience and use it in a positive way – taking from it the realisation that in order to live life to the fullest, you must protect it too and doing both would bring great challenge. 

Kiko shares a philosophy of: “As long as I live my life I will make sure I give back.”  

This drive prompted Kiko to sign up to the intensely challenging solo row across the Atlantic, despite being a complete novice. It was in 2017, while training for the epic crossing, she had a second tumour removed. A year later she completed the row in record time.

Kiko has always been environmentally conscious as well as sporty. Before her record breaking row, she set up a paddle boarding company along the canals of East London, which ran the Trash4Treats campaign, where paddle boarders were offered the opportunity to collect rubbish and then swap the items for food and drink in a nearby cafe boat.

However, it was being in the ocean alone surrounded by swathes of plastic that cemented her desire to pursue the biggest challenge faced by us all – helping to save the planet. 

Earlier this year, in her continued response and direct action, Kiko launched the Kik-Plastic challenge, and in May began the long 7200km cycle around the UK and Ireland’s coast. During this challenge she has been stopping to hold beach cleans that have amassed hundreds of supporters – from some of the countries’ most far-flung communities – in her ongoing bid to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

Having listened to a 15 minute talk given by Kiko at an industry event, our commercial director, Stacey Knight, felt Kiko “inspired and embodied” what CSM Live believes must happen within business for a sustainable future.

Kiko Matthews Enviromentalist Entrepreneur

Kiko Matthews

“It’s really clear cut to us that you can’t be sustainable without walking the walk. It has to be in our DNA because it affects everything – our workforce, clients, customers and products. There was a synergy between her life, the challenge, the collaboration and community that makes perfect sense. She shows us that each and every one can have a positive impact on the future.

“Our hope is by the steps we take now we can inspire, change and lead the industry to take more effective action to protect our environment before it’s too late.”

Stacey continued: “Switching from PVC to polypropylene in our branding products may to many seem small fry but believe me its not, its radical and transformative, its also been one of the key changes that have the ability to inspire, encourage and allow us to support our staff to get involved with making environmental changes both in and outside of work,” 

At the end of her 85 day cycle the CSM Live team will join Kiko for her two final two beach cleans. The first is taking place at Clacton-on-Sea, on the 26th of July and the homecoming beach clean is taking place in London with Thames21 on 28th July. 

Kiko said: “The support of big businesses is important not only because of the physical input but also the influence they have with their external clients and their own staff. If their clients and employees see the efforts the company is making towards sustainability hopefully it will empower them in their own practices.”

For the homecoming beach clean event, We’ll be meeting Kiko by The Crabtree Pub in Fulham at 4pm. In addition to a clean-up, we will also be conducting a mini-litter survey on the litter we find to build up the Thames21 database to help them establish how to stop it getting in there in the first place.

Join us and join Kiko on our Beach Cleaning mission here – and follow our journey

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