CSM Live presents AI in retail, Stacey Knight and Mario Coletti


On this episode we welcome Mario Coletti, MD of NextAtlas, who have taken trend prediction to the next level – using AI to spot cultural movements and shifts in the world of retail and beyond.

Sounds very minority report right?

This is the company that forecasted the dawn of the age of avocado on toast – by analysing the frequency of its appearance in correlation with a popular eyewear brand – back in early 2016, before it became the hipster breakfast we know and love.

NextAtlas were also behind the “Trending Store”, seen at Westfield this summer, that provided a unique experience for shoppers by combining online shopping with a brick-and-mortar retail space. The shop’s stocked the latest ‘trending’ garments, predicted by the NextAtlas platform.

We ask Mario to look into his crystal ball of an AI platform and predict the next three big trends for retail. His answers go beyond the world of consumer sales to the very structure of how we live and work.

It may not be flying cars and hoverboards just yet, but tune in to find out how the high street of the future might look, and how macro trends will be affecting the global market.