CSM Live presents the future of...tech, experiential, sport and retail


Introducing The Future Of…podcast – a light-hearted, educational and informative look into various topics that will shape how we live, love and work.

At CSM live, we work across all manner of industries – from sport, to esport, to retail and creative tech. We connect brands to deliver unforgettable experiences, and by working closely with our clients to deliver these we have gained unique industry expertise. We are able to understand and examine these industries on all levels – from micro to macro.

Using this insight we’ve created this cross-industry podcast: a light-hearted look at where these industries are headed – a discussion of their future built from experience of their present.

We’ve taken out all the jargon and packed this series with stuff we care about – expect to hear about the likes of: A.I; Machine Learning; Autonomous systems; The Evolution – or the Revolution – of Retail, as well as The Religion of Sport and its Power to Change.

Episode 1

On this episode, we talk The Future Of Sustainability – particularly plastic which, as we all know, is not so fantastic! Our guest is a planet-protecting rock star, Natalie Fee – founder of City to Sea and the Refill movement.

Here Stacey Knight, our Commercial and Marketing Director with a passion for the planet, discusses the topic of sustainability, with Nat – who is about to release her first book on how we can all live more conscientiously.

Together they cover questions like what does sustainability mean to big business? And what are the easiest steps big businesses, as well as little businesses, can take towards a more sustainable future?

Listen in, share and enjoy.