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In July, we announced the expansion of our European business with the opening of our new CSM Live office in Germany. As we continue to grow and expand, we’re delighted to welcome Daniel Töpfer and Isabelle Reitemeier to our team. To mark the duo’s arrival, we took five with them to find out more about their fascinating backgrounds in the industry, the projects they’re looking forward to being a part of, and some inside details about their passions outside of work…


First of all, welcome to CSM Live. It’s great to have both of you onboard as we look to expand our team in Germany. Tell us a little bit about the journey that’s brought you here and why you have joined us at CSM Live?

Daniel: Thank you very much. I am incredibly excited to be part of such a great and prestigious company.

My professional journey started in 2009 in the south of Germany with the Munich Marathon and Freiburg Marathon, where I gained my first experiences in the event business. Subsequently, I was able to expand the internationalization of allbuyone and serve the large key accounts, thus building up a large network. Further work then led me to the European Championships 2022 in Munich where I was responsible for branding and signage and built up a great team – and was also my first point of contact with CSM. Now, I look forward to taking the next steps with CSM Live Germany and create new benchmarks together with the customers.

Isabelle: Thank you – it’s been a very warm welcome at CSM Live so far! I’ve been lucky to experience work across sports in different positions and companies. I started off for two years on the supplier side before I joined the Signage Team for UEFA. In the past two years I have worked together with the CSM Live team to deliver two seasons of the club competitions.

As I have already had a little insight into the company and have always enjoyed working with CSM, I am really excited to be a part of the team in the Germany office.


What will your new roles entail at CSM Live, and what are you looking to bring from your old roles across to your new ones?

Daniel: I think, first and foremost, it’s about presenting CSM Live in Germany and surrounding markets as a potential and reliable partner. CSM Live has historically operated across Europe but now it’s time to cement our presence and continue delivering exceptionally for our clients.

Isabelle: In general, the most important thing now is to create the foundation for the team and to search for upcoming projects. There are a lot of great projects in the pipeline and I think Germany will become an interesting market for many different events, not just in sport, so I am excited to be a part of the team here and let’s see where this journey will take us!

You both bring lots of experience to your roles here, is there a particular moment or event from your career that stands out proudly above the rest?

Daniel: Definitely the European Championships in Munich. The size of the event and the complexity helped me grow in so many ways. It was a very intense time with many different variables, and it has been a relief that the plan we had in mind worked out in the end and we were able to create extraordinary images and memories for everyone involved.

Isabelle: The UEFA EURO 2020 for sure. I was working as the Venue Signage Manager for UEFA in Budapest. It was a great experience and the biggest sport event I had worked on at the time. It was challenging as we were the only stadium playing with a 100% capacity during COVID. I had a fantastic time working with the team on-site, so I always enjoy thinking back to that event.


With a host of high-profile sporting events taking place in Germany within the near future such as the NFL, there’s going to plenty of work on for our team in Germany. Which events and projects are you most looking forward to being involved in?

Daniel: The NFL in Germany is certainly off to a terrific start. The rush for tickets shows that many people will be watching the game. Therefore, it will be the first true yardstick for CSM Live Germany.

Looking ahead to the next few years, there are many more major sporting events taking place in Germany. Next year alone there will be the Special Olympics in Berlin and the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf. So, it will be an exciting time, which I am very much looking forward to!

Isabelle: As I am a big fan of the American sports, I’m most looking forward to the upcoming NFL match in Munich and working together with the NFL in the next few years. Potentially the NBA or the NHL will also expand to Europe so that would be another project that I would love to work on in the future.


When not at work, what would we be finding you doing?

Daniel: After moving to Vienna, it will probably take me a few months to discover the best café and restaurant. There will be a lot of tasting! Otherwise, I will enjoy my free time together with my partner and pursue my passion for art in the numerous museums and exhibitions.

Isabelle: Good question – probably not at home as I am always on a run! Other than running, I would probably be enjoying spending time with family and friends, doing sports, or going somewhere for a little get away for the weekend. Either way my camera is my trusted companion!