Initial ideas

When asked to help one of the top tourist attractions, museums and entertainment space The Shakespeare’s Globe with a major renovation, we jumped at the opportunity. The initial plan for the project was to take an unilluminated and unloved space and transform this into something more engaging, imaginative and interactive space for consumers.

The previous exhibition was outdated and in much need for a revamp, research showed us that the audience and consumer needs had changed, the brief to deliver a new, re-energised area, refreshing the space and giving it more life.. The new focus for the space was to create a lighter, more vibrant atmosphere. Ultimately this then equated into a large number of significant changes. We jumped at the opportunity.

A new focus

As the development started to take place, our team ranging from carpenters, and sign writers to creative event project managers and operations. During the build of the project, we focused on delivering a sensory-led experienced that told a cohesive story to one of the world’s greatest bards. We focused on storytelling, expanding the synergy and flow of the project throughout the exhibition.

An interactive experience 

This interactive experience showcases the plethora of CSM Lives capabilities to delivering a high quality, consumer focused space. Venture inside and you will be transported back 400 years, experiencing the magic of stagecraft, the sights, sounds and smells of the historical Globe Theatre.