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CSM Live's monumental role in the 2015 Rugby World Cup

CSM Live has had a huge involvement in the Rugby World Cup from start to finish, touching nearly all aspects of the quadrennial rugby union world championship.

Project Overview

Since 2014, CSM Live has had a team embedded within the organising committee at the Rugby World Cup Twickenham offices and a dedicated CSM Live Rugby World Cup Delivery team. Our initial involvement started with the creative identity of the event. We took the initial brand concept of two inter-linking ovals together with the brand colours and turned this into England 2015's creative strategy and design.

We created a complete suite of design and drew up the strategy on how they would be applied to the ticketing, spectator journey, stadia, buses, transport hubs as well as city dressing and the kit of parts, including fence scrim, barrier jackets, poster decals and bunting for all 13 tournament venues. We also had the responsibility of covering and removing any existing sponsor logos and commercial signage before any stadia branding started.



Overall CSM Live played an integral art in one of the most spectacular world sporting events and one of the most extraordinary fan experiences. Our artwork studio produced over 10,000 individual artworks to the exact requirements of each and every item, and we have managed the production, installation and de-rig of over 16,000 items. This involved delivering major banner and unique branding for 10 out of the 13 tournament stadia, including Twickenham and the Olympic Stadium. Within this, we produced all the wayfinding and functional signage to direct spectators to, from and around the venues to create an overall Look and Feel that transformed the stadia and wowed spectator and fans around the world.

In addition to this, we delivered LED Twitterwalls on two 20 metre high pillars dominating the West Stand concourse at Twickenham. This engaged visitors to the ground by displaying humorous content, greeting teams upon arrival with personalised animations, congratulating the winning team with digital confetti, and enabling fans to connect and show their experiences via social media. Outside of the stadia, we produced city dressing around all 13 venues, created and installed the spectacular 'Welcome to Twickenham' for the Rugby World Cup displayed at Twickenham Bridge, and delivered fan zones across the country to create a great atmosphere for fans to watch and enjoy both the matches and the various activations planned within the zones.

Case study statistics

  • 10 out of 13


    major banner and unique branding

  • Over 10,000

    individual artworks

  • 16,000


    produced, installed and de-rigged

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