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Our latest technology in attaching digital and interactive content to physical spaces and media sites everywhere

The Technology

Meshh technology delivers every type of digital content to any mobile or digital device without the need for any data or internet connection. This means that you can target rich content to any location where our hardware is located and users can download, stream or interact with it. This is called Hyper Local Media.

As content cannot be accessed, streamed or downloaded from outside the experience, brands can deliver highly targeted interactive digital content that ties in locally to any experiential, campaign, event or retail environment. Our vision is to revolutionise how brands and media owners deliver rich digital content to mobile devices through hyper local content distribution.


The call to action and technology

meshh is how we educate people that there is a local and incredibly fast content platform they can connect to using WiFi. It's an incredibly easy to understand message which drives user adoption and explains how someone can connect to the content. meshh is a clear symbol and call to action that identifies the presence of a hyper local network and exclusive content.

The hyper local network is created by either a meshh box or a Cached cloud. The former is a tiny box which broadcasts a meshh signal up to 30 meters anywhere it is fixed with an integrated hard drive generates fast digital delivery network within 30 metres (closed network). The latter is a dedicated server integrated into an existing wifi network allowing us to cache rich content locally and deliver it without a data or internet connection (open network)

Want to know more?

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