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CSM Live re-invent the King Power stadium as one of the country's premier sporting venues

We delivered an end-to-end solution to re-brand the King Power Stadium for newly crowned Premier League Champions Leicester City FC.

Project Overview

Calling on our experience of working with some of the world's largest stadia and developing the look for some of the biggest global sporting events, Leicester City FC (LCFC) enlisted ICON to propose a creative, branding and wayfinding solution for the King Power Stadium. The proposal centred on the key aims of raising the profile, customer experience and international reputation of the King Power Stadium and the LCFC brand.

A team comprising of our top creative and scoping experts assessed the venue to identify and develop a clear wayfinding system for the entire stadium that would be functional for visitors, maximises the King Power brand and celebrates LCFC's heritage. Moreover, we were able to identify opportunities for new, iconic elements through this refined brand.



Our initial focus was on the exterior Look of the stadium and in-bowl dressing, both of which are primary spaces for visitor and broadcast exposure. By selecting one clear brand colour scheme for the venue we unified LCFC with its owners, King Power, and created an impactful and harmonious identity across all touchpoints and media. We reviewed how existing elements could be adapted or replaced for instant results in providing the club's sponsors with new and augmented opportunities for promotion. The creative strategy and brand development also aimed to drive the new King Power and LCFC brand elements across all of its material, including web, newsletters, digital and social media.

For phase one of the entire stadium re-brand we implemented the functional internal and external wayfinding programme in just 14 days in time for the start of the Premiership season. We also installed bespoke dressing, technological and sculptural features to enhance the Look and Feel of the stadium, the wayfinding system and to provide fans with genuine engagement opportunities to make them feel proud to be part of the club. This included branding for 70 corporate boxes, re-branding the home and away changing rooms, an iconic stadium entrance and other newly created assets from the refined brand. We continue to aim to bring wow-factor elements that will innovate and make the stadium a unique venue to experience as well as providing the club and their owners with iconic representations of their brand.

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