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Formula E Season Two

We delivered an end-to-end consultancy and branding programme for the FIA's Formula E events for the second season in a row.

Project Overview

Having successfully delivered the inaugural season of Formula E in 2014/2015 with ICON, Formula E wanted to build on this success further and significantly increase the growth of sponsorship revenue for the 2015/2016 season. Drawing on our expertise in delivering branding programmes and working with various stakeholders at major sporting events, ICON helped to define and deliver an improved branding strategy that addressed Formula E's key objective to increase sponsorship revenue.

We identified four key ways to do this: additional conventional track branding, establish higher value branding locations, greater use of design to make sponsor branding more memorable and to differentiate it from other motorsport events and the introduction of new products and innovative technologies that can be sold at premium rates to sponsors.



Our creative studio collaborated with Formula E's in-house design department to strategise and develop the brand identity, wayfinding and signage, as well as design an exciting Look for both TV viewers and venue spectators. This close working relationship ensured that all track side sponsor artwork that we created followed the guidelines provided and could easily be approved. It also guaranteed that a consistent and coherent Look was maintained across all standard and bespoke branding items. With the increased inventory of track signage and greater TV coverage of our recommended branding placement, each major sponsor was assured high quality exposure across each individual circuit. We created a standard Kit of Parts for Formula E that is re-usable at all events, which includes; branding for track side, the pit lane, over track, safety signage and flags, as well as general branding covering the e-Village, media and VIP areas, perimeter fencing, press conference staging and all event wayfinding. With the Formula E series running over nine venues in nine countries across four continents, logistical planning and execution is critical and we work closely with the championship's chosen partners to plot the movement of the core Kit of Parts, while engaging with local suppliers in each location to supply last minute additional branding requests and items that are bespoke to each circuit.

In addition to elevating Formula E's brand and Look programme, we also launched our latest innovative technology, Rewind to enhance spectator's experience of the event. Our Rewind technology made its debut earlier this year in the Paris race and was used again in London for the race in July. Rewind enables spectators to replay moments they have just seen live in the venue on their mobile device by connecting to a hyperlocal Wi-Fi network. The hyperlocal Wi-Fi's technology does not rely on 4G mobile data or an internet connection meaning it is super-fast and empowers the fan to choose a moment they want to watch on their own screen, at any point during the race. Content can be pre-loaded (e.g. video or written guides on racers, motorsport jargon buster, guide to the course) or created on site in real-time (e.g. live race replays, films from the pit lanes before the race and video content of race winner celebrations). Rewind is a brand new way of engaging with spectators, sponsors and VIPs through the technology's ability to deliver media rich content locally and incredibly fast, without conflicting with any broadcasting or media rights. We are looking to increase our Rewind offering to all races in the upcoming third Formula E season, as well as developing an enhanced creative Look programme for the Championship.

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